Mastered to cobalt grade tape and duplicated by the artist. Cobalt C20 housed in clear plastic library case with photocopy jacket, edition of 100.



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Thought Broadcast

Psychomimic   KROK005


“I know where I am, but I do not feel as though I’m at the spot where I find myself. To these dispossessed souls, space seems to be a devouring force. Space pursues them, encircles them, digests them in a gigantic phagocytosis. It ends by replacing them. Then the body separates itself from thought, the individual breaks the boundary of his skin and occupies the other side of his senses. He tries to look at himself from any point whatever in space. He feels himself becoming space, dark space where things cannot be put. He is similar, not similar to something, but just similar. And he invents spaces of which he is ‘the convulsive possession.’” - Roger Callois


A major new work from Ravi Binning as Thought Broadcast – following last year’s brace of LPs on Editions Mego and Olde English Spelling Bee – and further advancing his fearless investigations of extreme dub dereliction and bleak minimal electronics. At once his most dilated and oppressive recordings to date. Variously calls to mind A Tent, DZ Lectric & Anton Shield, Stephen Thrower’s Possession and some of This Heat’s Cold Storage creations, but exists in, and ultimately becomes, its own “dark space where things cannot be put.”