Compiled and edited in Berlin, May-August 2015.
Dedicated to M.H.

‘Id Mud’ by Genny Rahtz, from A Rumoured City: New Poets From Hull (ed. Douglas Dunn, Bloodaxe Books, 1982)

2 x CD-R housed in hand-made A5 card booklet, with three photocopied inserts.



  • Disc One (73:42)
  • Disc Two (68:55)
Blackest Ever Black


Id mud from the Humber
Skews the tide-weed,
Slumps on dock walls
And shores up those dry land
Marks of a city language.

Each part of the city
Portrays itself
By accumulation
Of double yellow lines,
Blue triangles, red circles,
Street-lamps of different arcs
And the shorthand of skyline

Trees have the purpose here
Of city trees.
In back gardens they demarcate
Eccentric geometries
Of lapped inflexible tiles
That shoulder the self-same elements
As the leaves.

This sense of city overpowers me.
Its physicality
Persuades my movements
And would influence
The character of eyelets used
To lace this patterned cloth.

Id Mud is a new 2xCD-R mix from Blackest Ever Black.

Music for the subdued city. From the long blue gardens of the Avenues, on to the dull plain of Holderness, lonelier and lonelier, to the grey and irritable foreshore, and finally the sea. That estuarial feeling. That weak light. A place that neither impresses nor insists. It could have happened anywhere, but it mostly happened here.

Unlike 2013-14’s loose trilogy of Krokodilo cassette mixtapes (Rat Needs Constant Affirmation, What I Learned On My Holidays and There Is Something Wrong With England), which were mostly recorded live and with some spontaneity, Id Mud was rather more slowly and fastidiously compiled, and as such should be seen as the “official” follow-up to 2012’s Dream Theory In Haltemprice.

Each disc of this 2xCD-R set features around 70 minutes of audio, including several exclusive, “mystery” tracks from Blackest Ever Black artists; the discs are housed in a hand-made, individually numbered card booklet with white letraset titling and three photocopied inserts of visual/textual material.

Id Mud is available to pre-order now in a strictly limited edition of 60 copies, and will be dispatched in late September 2015.