‘Fooling Around’ written by Mikey Young & David T. West.
Recorded at Electric Duck, San Francisco. Vox/gtr: DTW. Drums: Matt Bleyle. Bass: Jonathan Young. Keys/gtr: MY. Backing vox: Rusty Miller.

‘Strays’ written by DTW. Recorded at Electric Duck, San Francisco. Drums: MB. Bass: JY. Vox/gtr/keys: DTW.

‘Waiting In The New World’ and ‘Should I Leave You Alone?’ written by DTW. Recorded in Berlin apartment and Denmark summer house. Vox/instruments: DTW.

Graphics: DTW / Oliver Smith.

Mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal, Melbourne. Cut by Noel Summerville at 3345, London.

12″ vinyl pressed at Optimal and housed in duotone sleeve printed on reverse board stock, with A4 photocopied lyric sheet and download code included. Edition of 500.

Customers who pre-order the vinyl edition direct from Blackest Ever Black will also receive a full download (MP3/FLAC) of the album via email on or shortly before the official release date.

This release is also available to buy separately on digital formats.

Distributed by Cargo: joe@cargorecords.co.uk

12″ tracklist:

  • A1. Fooling Around (Long Version) (7:09)
  • B1. Waiting In The New World (3:26)
  • B2. Strays (5:40)
  • B3. Should I Leave You Alone? (3:48)


Digital tracklist:

  • 1. Fooling Around (Long Version) (7:09)
  • 2. Waiting In The New World (3:26)
  • 3. Strays (5:40)
  • 4. Should I Leave You Alone? (3:48)


Rat Columns

Fooling Around E.P.   BLACKEST043

Add up the truth and the lies
The in-betweens and between-the-lines
Maybe you could make it known
And save us both some precious time.

Blackest Ever Black presents Fooling Around, a new E.P. from David West’s Rat Columns.

The title track is nothing short of a modern rock ’n roll classic: co-written by West and Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring et al) it appeared in truncated form on Rat Columns’ album Leaf (R.I.P. Society, 2014), but this is the first time that the original, longer, and definitive version has been given the vinyl pressing it so richly deserves.

Its combination of void-chasing motorik, moody jangle, West’s plaintive vocal delivery and Young’s spaced-out synth embellishments makes for a song at once elegiac and relentless: think Splendour of Fear-era Felt or David Kilgour at his dreamiest, strapped to the engine of Neu!’s ‘Für Immer’, and you’re in the zone.

The three cuts on the flip confirm the status of Perth native West (veteran of Rank/Xerox, Lace Curtain and Total Control, among others) as one of the most powerfully accomplished songwriters working in the underground today: the choppy riffage, breakneck tempo and zig-zagging melody of ‘Living In The New World’ summon Orange Juice or Modern Lovers, but with a darker, more delirious edge; ‘Strays’ reprises the swooning, summer-death psychedelia of ‘Fooling Around’; and bedroom-recorded stalker’s lament ‘Should I Leave You Alone?’ brings the EP to a perfectly bittersweet climax, as thrumming dub bass, chewy tape FX and West’s downcast vox yield to baroquely beautiful guitar phrasing and limpid Moog tone-float.

The Fooling Around E.P. will be released on July 31, 2015, on 12” vinyl with picture sleeve, insert and download code (edition of 500), and digital formats, and is available to pre-order now.

Rat Columns will be touring Europe in Summer/Autumn 2015; click here for dates.