Recorded in November, 2012 at Heaven Street Records, Brooklyn.

Mixed and mastered by K. Lapke. LP cut by Noel Summerville at 3345, London. Pressed at Optimal, and housed in standard gloss jacket with fold-over 11″ x 22″ insert printed on uncoated Aggrippina paper.

RB is: M. del Rio, N. Forte, A. Reuland, J. Zucker-Pluda and J. Ning Nong.

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  • A1. Cracked Flesh
  • A2. Lusty Climbing
  • A3. When A Lie Becomes The Truth
  • A4. Before Man
  • A5. Standing In Line
  • B1. By The Root
  • B2. Groping The Angel’s Face
  • B3. Wild Inside
  • B4. I Was Wrong
Raspberry Bulbs

Deformed Worship   BLACKEST018


“In my earliest years I realised life consisted of two contradictory elements. One was words, which could change the world; the other was the world itself, which had nothing to do with words.”
– Yukio Mishima


Blackest Ever Black will release Deformed Worship, the second album by Raspberry Bulbs, in July 2013.

Since debut LP Nature Tries Again (Hospital Productions, 2011) RB has grown from the solo project of M. del Rio (HWCT from Bone Awl) into a five-piece of extraordinary force and focus. The first studio version of Deformed Worship was scrapped, and its songs re-recorded by the band on cassette 8-track in November 2012, before being mixed and mastered by Kris Lapke.

Raspberry Bulbs defies the constraints of classification but is often mistakenly labelled as a black metal band. It is not a black metal band.