Released June 30, 2017

Produced by John T. Gast
Mastered and cut by Noel Summerville

10” vinyl pressed at Optimal and housed in plain paper sleeve.

A. wygdn_bashmenttk9
B. wygdn_tryagen (5)

A plays at 45rpm, B at 33.

John T. Gast

wygdn   BLACKEST066

Two new productions from John T. Gast.

A remix project gone awry / gone to road.

‘wygdn_bashmenttk9’: high-tech dancehall battering ram with an ethereal, mournful edge… rhythm and blooz for sentimental gun man dem.

‘wygdn_tryagen (5)’: deep and desolated pop-ambient. Canonbury After The Rain. Vocals from the source squished, hacked and splattered across an infinite horizon of vaporous, funereal string-pads.