Pro-dubbed cassette with photocopied inlay, edition of 50. The fourth release on Krokodilo Tapes (KROK004). This mix will not be available as a download.



  • A. Daniel & Rebecca (42:26)
  • B. Esther & Raymond (44:03)
Blackest Ever Black

There Is Something Wrong With England   KROK004


“He sits clasping his knees, holding his face low down between them, he watches black slugs, he makes a little den of his smells and small thoughts, he thinks up a figure far away on the tors waving, so if something does happen, if night comes down and he has to leave the path, then we’ve seen each other, somebody knows where we are.”


There is something wrong with England is a new C90 mixtape by Blackest Ever Black.

It follows on from the limited edition CD-Rs Scripts For The Pageant, The Scold’s Bridle, She Died With Her Eyes Open, The Disappointment Engine and Dream Theory In Haltemprice. Visionary jazz, depressive acid, quartets for the end of time.

A second edition, with different artwork and similarly limited to 50 copies, is also available.