Pro-dubbed cassette, edition of 100. Housed in plastic library case with photocopied inlay.

Recorded at home, alone, by NPW.

New Private Window

The Desperate Hours   KROK015

“I have a question for you boys,” he said at last, setting off on his routine of pacing back and forth across the stone flags, patting his Bible. “Come the Day of Judgement, who is to be cast down the deepest?”
Paul immediately raised his hand.
“Heathens?” he said.
“No,” said Father Wilfred. “Even lower than the heathens.”
“Protestants?” said Paul.
Father Wilfred stopped abruptly and stood in front of Henry.
“What do you think, McCullough?”
Henry looked up at him nervously.
“Murderers, Father?”
Father Wilfred shook his head.
“No, McCullough,” he said. “The people I am talking about will look on with envy at the punishments of murderers .”
“Fornicators,” Paul said suddenly.
“Close, Peavey. Onanists.” said Father Wilfred.
Henry looked down at his feet.
“Wicked little fellows who have too much time on their hands.”

Self-surveilling internet field recordings and derivative, masturbatory ambience courtesy of Leicester-based “media research project” NPW. Clear browsing history after listening.