Pro-dubbed cassette with printed inlay and labels, edition of 150, produced for Tropic of Cancer’s Autumn 2015 European tour.

Cover photograph by Jasmine Deporta.
Design by Oliver Smith.

A1, A2 & A3 written and recorded by Camella Lobo, 2015; additional recording, production and mixing by Joshua Eustis. Taken from the Stop Suffering (BLACKEST049, 2015). B1, B2 & B3 written and produced by Camella Lobo & Juan Mendez. Recorded in Long Beach, CA and Minneapolis, MN, 2008-2009. Taken from Archive: The Downwards Singles (BLACKEST041, 2015).


  • A1. Stop Suffering (5:35)
  • A2. I Woke Up And The Storm Was Over (7:02)
  • A3. When The Dog Bites (5:39)
  • B1. The Dull Age (5:21)
  • B2. Victims (4:41)
  • B3. Be Brave (6:58)
Tropic of Cancer

Stop Suffering / Archive tour tape   TOC-EU15

A limited edition (125 copies) cassette from Tropic of Cancer, produced for their 2015 European tour, which begins at the end of October. This release simply combines the tracks from the upcoming vinyl releases, Stop Suffering and Archive: The Downwards Singles, on one tape, housed in white and clear plastic library case with printed inlay featuring photography by Jasmine Deporta drawn from the same series that gave us the Stop Suffering 12″ cover.

The bulk of the edition will be available only direct from Tropic of Cancer at their shows (see below for dates); but we’ve secured a handful of copies for pre-order through the BEB webshop for collectors and those unable to attend.