Available on digital formats, and pro-dubbed cassette with printed inlay, edition of 100.

Pre-orders of the cassette edition come with free digital download. For instant download, order from Bandcamp. Customers ordering from Big Cartel will receive their download link via email within three days of placing their order.


Cassette tracklist:

  • A1. Shampoo Boy – Spalt (9:10)
  • A2. Exploring Jezebel – I am made to greet each guest with a limp-wristed handshake (1:50)
  • A3. F ingers – Tantrum Time (5:22)
  • A4. Barnett + Coloccia – Dreamsnake (5:00)
  • A5. Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering (5:34)
  • A6. Felix K – Tragedy of the Commons (17:36)
  • A7. Ossia – Red X (9:20)
  • B1. Six Six Seconds – Tearing Down Heaven (4:20)
  • B2. Jac Berrocal, David Fenech & Vincent Epplay – Solaris (3:30)
  • B3. Tarquin Manek – Sassafras Gesundheit (13:37)
  • B4. Rat Columns – Fooling Around (Long Version) (7:09)
  • B5. Bremen – Sick City (5:02)
  • B6. Family Sex – Manbait (Regis Version) (6:48)
  • B7. Tarcar – Eija (4:17)


Digital tracklist:

  • 1. Shampoo Boy – Spalt (9:10)
  • 2. Exploring Jezebel – I am made to greet each guest with a limp-wristed handshake (1:50)
  • 3. F ingers – Tantrum Time (5:22)
  • 4. Barnett + Coloccia – Dreamsnake (5:00)
  • 5. Tropic of Cancer – Stop Suffering (5:34)
  • 6. Felix K – Tragedy of the Commons (17:36)
  • 7. Ossia – Red X (9:20)
  • 8. Six Six Seconds – Tearing Down Heaven (4:20)
  • 9. Jac Berrocal, David Fenech & Vincent Epplay – Solaris (3:30)
  • 10. Tarquin Manek – Sassafras Gesundheit (13:37)
  • 11. Rat Columns – Fooling Around (Long Version) (7:09)
  • 12. Bremen – Sick City (5:02)
  • 13. Family Sex – Manbait (Regis Version) (6:48)
  • 14. Tarcar – Eija (4:17)



1 written and performed by Christina Nemec, Peter Rehberg and Christian Schachinger. Recorded and mixed at Twisted, Wien, September 2013 – March 2014. Mastered by Russell Haswell. Taken from Crack (BLACKEST039).

2 Exploring Jezebel is VIVID EXTREME. Least and last…begrudgingly enslaved to mention…for further chores completed under mistress’s call: VENUS INTERNATIONAL. Mastered by Matt Colton. Taken from On A Business Trip To London (BLACKESTLP008 | CD008 | DL008).

3 created by Samuel Karmel, Tarquin Manek and Carla dal Forno. Mastered by Noel Summerville. Taken from Hide Before Dinner (BLACKEST044).

4 written and produced by Faith Coloccia and Alex Barnett. Produced and mixed by Randall Dunn. Recorded by Sean Angelo at Psychic Western. Mastered by James Plotkin. Taken from Weld (BLACKEST042).

5 Written and recorded by Camella Lobo. Additional recording, production and mixing by Joshua Eustis. Mastered by Colton. Taken from Stop Suffering (BLACKEST049).

6 Written and produced by Felix K. Mastered by Colton. Taken from Tragedy of the Commons (BLACKEST036).

7 Written and produced by Ossia. Mastered by Lewis at StarDelta. Taken from Red X (BLACKEST046).

8 written and performed by Eden. Recorded by O’Connor, Berlin, 2012. Mastered by Colton. Taken from Tearing Down Heaven (BLACKEST038).

9 written by David Fenech; performed by Jac Berrocal, David Fenech and Vincent Epplay. Mastered by Summerville. Taken from Antigravity (BLACKESTLP011 | CD011 | DL011).

10 sounds and music by Tarquin Dasein Manek. Mastered by Colton. Taken from Tarquin Magnet (BLACKEST047).

11 written by Mikey Young & David T. West. Recorded at Electric Duck, San Francisco. Vox/gtr: DTW. Drums: Matt Bleyle. Bass: Jonathan Young. Keys/gtr: MY. Backing vox: Rusty Miller. Mastered by Joe Carra. Taken from Fooling Around EP (BLACKEST043).

12 written and performed by Tiljander/Orre. Mastered by Tomas Boden. Taken from Eclipsed (BLACKEST048).

13 written and performed by Family Sex. Additional remix and production by Karl O’Connor. Mastered by Colton. Taken from Manbait (BLACKESTLP013 | CD013 | DL013).

14 created by Carla dal Forno & Tarquin Manek. Mastered by Colton. Taken from I Can’t Give You The Life You Want (BLACKESTUSA001).


Various Artists

Radio Caliban: Blackest Ever Black “Singles” 2015   BEB-SC2015

They made haste in the brown sedan
They drove to 55 Secret Street
They made love and by the seventh wave
She knew she had a problem
She thought real love is real scary
Money only pays the rent
Love is forever that’s all your life
Love is heaven sent it’s glamorous

A limited edition cassette and digital compilation bringing together fourteen singles and key album tracks released on Blackest Ever Black in 2015.

Tarcar’s ‘Eija’, from our US vinyl compilation I Can’t Give You The Life You Want, and Ossia’s ‘Red X’, both make their digital debuts here, appearing alongside Tropic of Cancer, Felix K, Shampoo Boy, Barnett + Coloccia, Jac Berrocal, David Fenech & Vincent Epplay, Tarquin Manek, Exploring Jezebel, Rat Columns, Six Six Seconds, Bremen, Family Sex and Regis.

Pre-order the tape from Bandcamp and receive an instant digital download of the full release.