Pro-dubbed cassette with photocopied inlay. Edition of 50. There are no plans to release this title digitally.



  • A. Precession Dub
  • B. Stranger Version
Feral Love

Precession Dub   KROK002


“She had always been pleased by the gypsy strain in her blood and in tribute she called her ramblers ‘gypsy roses’, saluting their expansive roaming spirit. However far the rambler roses roamed, they stubbornly set down their roots in a particular place. They establish themselves slowly and firmly in the earth and hate to be moved. Roses are, for this very practical reason, symbols of continuity. They flourish when they are allowed to stay put.”


Precession Dub (KROK002) is the second release on our new Krokodilo Tapes imprint.

Two extended studies in astral-industrial dub from Feral Love, aka Clay Ruby (Burial Hex).