Pro-dubbed cassette with white shell, housed in clear plastic library case with photocopied card jacket. Edition of 75. No download.

Second edition of 75 is identical but with jacket printed on white copy paper.




  • Side A (45:00)
  • Side B (45:02)

No Observable Effect Concentration   KROK009


“Lacking any semblance of childhood, having spent my adolescence in the wild as it were, I could fit in only by a kind of adaptation scarcely known outside the insect world. I mimicked those about me, finally with such vigour that few were able to distinguish the conjured image from the real. Even I sometimes confused the two.”


C90 mixtape of soundgirl punishments from Nina, who runs the Nina Trifft night at Hamburg’s storied Golden Pudel club. Equal parts cyberpunk body-horror and real-deal harbour city sorrow.

A second edition of 75, with black & white photocopied jacket, is available here.