Mastered and cut by Matt Colton at Alchemy, London. 2×12″ pressed at Optimal and housed in reverse board picture sleeve. Artwork by Harry Wright.

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  • A. Six Harmonies
  • B. Thousand Hands
  • C. Eight Methods
  • D. Water Boxing
Killing Sound

Killing Sound   BLACKEST028


“There’s only one way of escape that I’ve ever discovered, and needless to say I haven’t forgotten that. So now I wave my arm frantically at a passing taxi, fall inside, and tell the man to drive to the old address.”


Oblique soundsystem murderers from Killing Sound, the trio of Amos Childs, Seb Gainsborough and Sam Kidel.

Members of Bristol’s noted Young Echo collective, Killing Sound make their full recorded debut on this self-titled 2×12″, its four tracks cut obnoxiously loud across four sides by Matt Colton.