Music by Tarquin Manek.

Carla dal Forno: knitting machine on 1, cello on 4, drums on 9.

Originally released on cassette, bundled with first initial pre-orders of Tarquin Manek’s Tarquin Magnet LP. Edition of 50, black shell in clear plastic library case with photocopied inlay.

Subsequently released as a free download on December 4, 2015, via Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


  • 1. Knitted Moon
  • 2. The Forbidden Rain
  • 3. The Hamburg Scheme
  • 4. Fucked Ending
  • 5. Beta Triplet
  • 6. When You Wake Up And Keep Your Eyes Closed And You Don’t Know Where You Are
  • 7. Well Do You Know (?)
  • 8. Reprise Fireball Coda (I still love you, I still want you…)
  • 9. Voices In Bed
Tarquin Manek

Do You Know The Mind Of A Bullet?   MIND001

Whatever this state I am talking about is, this ‘not going home’, it is not tragic; there’s probably something a bit ridiculous about these privileged laments. But I am trying to describe some kind of loss, some kind of falling away. (The gain is obvious enough and thus less interesting to analyse). It’s not uncommon for expatriates, emigres, refugees and travellers to want to die ‘at home’. The desire to return, after so long way, is gladly irrational, and is perhaps premised on the loss of the original home (as the refusal to go home may also be premised on the loss of home). Home swells as a sentiment because it has disappeared as an achievable reality.

Do You Know The Mind Of A Bullet? is a crucial companion to Tarquin Manek’s Tarquin Magnet LP, comprising nine sketches and miniatures assembled in Berlin and Indonesia in Summer/Autumn 2015.

Across twenty eventful minutes this mini-album – originally intended as a cassette-only release, bundled with pre-orders of Tarquin Magnet – encompasses, among other things, lonesome ambient techno, in-the-red digi-dub, art-damaged folk-rock and string/woodwind chamber pieces. For those already familiar with its remarkable parent record, it’s a crucial addendum to that release; for the unacquainted, it can be enjoyed either as a potent taster or as a standalone.

Melbourne artist Tarquin Manek is a member of F ingers and Tarcar, and currently records solo both under his own name and as LST. Tarquin Magnet, his first full solo outing for Blackest Ever Black, is out now on digital formats; the vinyl edition is due to be released next week.

Do You Know The Mind Of A Bullet? is available to stream and download in full via Soundcloud (320kbps MP3 only) and Bandcamp (lossless formats too).