Pro-dubbed C60 cassette housed in clear plastic library case with photocopied inlay. Edition of 100.

Originally compiled for broadcast on Intergalactic FM’s Radio Free Robotron channel, 09.05.14, 19:30-21:00 GMT / 20:30-22:00 CET.



  •  A. Part One
  •  B. Part Two




Demos 2009-13   BLACKEST035


“A silver sea across the plain, / Clouds dissolve and melt away,
Close your eyes and wander / Backwards through the day…
You’re just sleepwalking.”


Earlier in 2014, Marc Dall was invited to record a mix for the Terra Incognita series on Intergalactic FM‘s Radio Free Robotron channel; instead he compiled an hour of unused Dalhous demo material made in 2009-13 – a period that spans the very origins of the project through to sessions for the albums An Ambassador For Laing (2013) and Will To Be Well (2014).

Divorced from the strict conceptual frameworks of the studio LPs, these sublime experiments in elegiac ambience and pastoral techno-impressionism constitute a secret history of the Dalhous project, and underline the fecundity and restlessness of Dall’s musical imagination.

Following a number of fan requests to make this selection available in physical form, we’ve decided to release it on tape, very slightly edited to fit the format, in a limited edition of 100 copies, pro-dubbed and housed in clear plastic library cases with photocopied inlays.