Pro-dubbed mixtape housed in library case with printed inlay. Edition of 50.

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A. ~AHH~ (47:14)
B. ~BE~ (48:35)

Silvia Kastel

Bibula Harena   IDMUD002

Silvia Kastel’s Bibula Harena is the second entry in our new Id Mud mixtape series (R.I.P. Krokodilo Tapes), following on from Nina and Good News’ Untitled (OHM 12.8.16).

Kastel is perhaps best known for her role in Control Unit with Ninni Morgia, and collaborations with the likes of Smegma, Factrix, Gary Smith, Aki Onda and Gate. A natural extension of her regular Ultramarine radio show, Bibula Harena identifies, and pays tribute to, a very specific lineage/tradition of deep studio research and isolationism, braiding together various mutant strains of sci-fi electronics, acousmatic body music, and braindance…from ‘70s GRM and Moog imagineering to the hyperreal post-rave sound designs and eerily disembodied thug-rap of today, via Drexciyan electro, ice-cold digital reggae, and jungle.

S.K. has new solo work forthcoming on Blackest Ever Black.