Pro-dubbed cassette mixtape, edition of 75.

For AL, AMC, CLP, EC, GK, KS, MT, PH, TH, RC, SAG, SR, SS. Erimus

Photo: Raymond Kitching


  • Side A (48:00)
  • Side B (47:34)
Conor Thomas

At The Expense Of Others   KROK017

“Mixed messages bottling a decade of decayed memories from an overlooked tract. A deep topographical reading encompassing industrial folk song and field recordings from 55°40′09″N 1°47′05″W and 54.9704° N, 1.3644° W. Research reveals rhizomatic roots and alliterative allusions to fleeting feels and vales of nostalgic moraine: c/left of doggerland, adrift as Detroit; penned in and spent out.”